Family Law Mediation


We mediate family law cases using a team approach that helps the parties focus on what is most important to them. Let us help you help your clients resolve their differences.

Our mediation principles.

  • Every party deserves a good settlement; that is, a settlement they understand and that is the result of informed decision making. We don’t use late night sessions or strong arm tactics to get a deal for the sake of a deal.

  • Settlements should stick. We start and finish using order language taken from standard decrees so that the parties understand from the beginning what they will see in the final decree. This avoids the costs and delay associated with post-mediation controversy about the actual form of the order.

Why do we use a team approach?

  • Every party should feel heard and understood – A male/female team allows clients to more closely identify with the mediator and feel heard.

  • Two heads are better than one – our complementary skill sets give clients and counsel more ideas and options for resolving their disputes.

  • We can move quickly from communication to negotiation – Clients tell their stories in simultaneous first sessions so we can move on to problem solving.

Why choose us?

  • A deep understanding of family law and complex financial issues—A combined 50 years of litigation experience.

  • The benefits of a mediation team at a cost similar to individual mediators

Our charges

$800 per party for a 6 hour mediation.

$200 per side for hourly mediation or overtime. 

Why 6 hours?  Based on our experience as mediators and as counsel to mediating parties we believe the best chance for a lasting settlement comes when mediation does not start too early or continue too long.  Fatigue may drive the parties to a settlement late at night, but it is likely to be one they don’t fully understand and will resist the next day.  In addition, our standard 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. mediation allows parties with children to forget about school pick-up and drop-off issues so they can focus on the matter at hand.


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