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Businesses of all kinds are under attack by plaintiffs exploiting the  Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing Act and other disability rights laws as a means to enrich attorneys while doing little or nothing for the disabled. We represent national multi-family and single family developers as well as a wide array of local restaurants, shops, shopping centers and other public accommodations who are unfairly targeted as well as consulting directly with clients on accessibility issues. Our blog, Accessibility Defense is a nationally recognized resource for attorneys and business owners hoping to avoid or needing to defend such lawsuits. We provide frequent updates on issues of importance to businesses faced with ADA and FHA lawsuits along with free webinars that provide an in depth look at the most current and important issues in this rapidly developing field of law.

If you have questions about the ADA and FHA you may want to consult the Accessibility Defense Frequently Asked Questions.

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Accessibility Defense ranked in top 5 litigation blogs by the Expert Institute.

The Expert Institute's annual poll to determine the top legal blogs in the U.S. ranked 5th among litigation blogs. Thanks to our many friends who responded to the poll. 

Richard quoted in Usablenet whitepaper, "The State of Web Accessibility."

Richard is quoted in Usablenet's November 2016 whitepaper on "The State of Web Accessibility." For a copy of the paper contact us by email.

Richard interviewed by The Economist

Richard was asked by a reporter for The Economist to provide background information for its article, "Frequent Filers" in the May 28, 2016 edition. He is quoted in the article, which covers the problems associated with serial litigation of ADA claims.

Richard interviewed by Midland Reporter-Telegram

Richard was extensively quoted in an article published on February 28, 2016 by the Midland Reporter-Telegram concerning the wave of ADA lawsuits filed against Midland businesses by a single law firm in Florida. Richard has been retained to represent a number of the defendants, and has met with the mayors of Midland and its neighbor Odessa to discuss their options in helping local business avoid this kind of litigation. The article can be found at:

Hunt Interview

Web Accessibility Webinar

Richard will be presenting a public webinar on accessibility issues for web sites under the Americans With Disabilities Act on January 19 and 21, 2016. For more information you check his blog at Accessibility Defense or contact him by phone or email.

Accessibility Defense down under

Richard's Accessibility Defense blog on the ADA implications of POS devices (Click here to read)  was recently cited by the Digital Gap Initiative in Australia, an organization working to make POS devices accessible to those with vision disabilities. 

Understanding ADA and FHA Litigation

For more information about our approach to ADA and FHA Litigation, please see our information page: Fix First Then Fight